the party

THE PARTY. M. 1hr 11min. Comedy. March

British black comedy about a fancy dinner party that doesn't go according to plan.

"Career politician Janet (Kristen Scott Thomas) is celebrating her promotion. Well, that's the plan, anyway. Things go hilariously downhill as soon as Janet's uber-cynical bestie, April (Clarkson), and other perfectly dreadful guests arrive. Naturally everyone has something to hide and everyone's going to receive their just desserts long before the actual dessert arrives." (Sydney Film Festival)

Winner of the Guild Film Prize (Potter), 2017 Berlin International Film Festival

Directed by Sally Potter ('Orlando', 'The Man Who Cried', 'Ginger & Rosa')

Starring Timothy Spall, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy

death of stalin

THE DEATH OF STALIN. Drama. 1hr 46min. March

Drama from Veep creator Armando Iannucci chronicling the aftermath of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin's death in 1953. Stars Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor and Olga Kurylenko.

Directed by Armando Iannucci (TV's 'Veep', 'In The Loop', TV's 'I'm Alan Partridge')

Starring Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Paddy Considine, Rupert Friend, Jason Isaacs, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Palin, Andrea Riseborough, Paul Whitehouse, Jeffrey Tambor